IT Consulting

This process allows you to capture and prosecute effectively, information which is then integrated into the structure of organizations related to logistics services storage, distribution and trade.

The benefits of this service are: availability and immediate management of information, reduced time and cost of data processing, speed of response to internal and external customers.

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Apps Development

Currently you can implement fast solutions, easy to use and affordable. MG Group offers the services described below:

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Web Solutions

MG Group, with the increasing media, attaches great importance to its customers, regardless of company size, have a Web site to publicize their products and services attract new customers, develop new ways to market and expand its borders.

This service included: site structure, content consulting, graphic design and development.

MG Group in addition to a multidisciplinary team, which coordinates the advisory bodies, definition, implementation and evaluation of the project, has extensive experience in development – under different platforms – from web applications for online data capture, reporting and other.

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